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My Top Five Sunrise Spots On The Central Coast

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

There really is nothing better than watching the sun come up at the start of a brand new day.

So many possibilities lie ahead in the following 24 hours and none us can be sure what might be heading our way.

For me, it is the best part of the day, untouched, unblemished, uncluttered. Sometimes glorious, sometimes dark and moody and sometimes simply grey. It is a time to just breathe.

Sunrise and its golden hour are a landscape photographer's bread and butter. The icing on the cake is when high clouds appear allowing the sun to streak across the sky and reflect in any water or shiny surfaces on the ground. We are extremely lucky here on the Central Coast to have numerous spectacular locations for sunrise photography and I have listed my personal top 5 favourites here.

1 Norah Head from Gravelly Beach

Always interesting looking over the surf to Norah Head and the lighthouse, this rock platform can be

inaccessible when it is covered with high tide and big swells but at other times it gives a variety of options

for beautiful and often dramatic shots. Early morning usually brings a few surfers out to add to the


2 The Skillion

Terrigal's iconic rock formation never disappoints. As the sun rises it bathes the northern side of the

Skillion in a warm glow making it even more striking and majestic than usual. Add in the rock platform

and the never ending flow of waves crashing against it and you have a photographer's dream seascape.

3 MacMasters Rock Pool

I love photographing this popular ocean pool. When the flow is full and high it makes for very pretty

long exposure shots across the pool wall and through its railings. If you are lucky, a local dedicated

swimmer may arrive and add to the pretty scene.

4 Gorokan Jetty

If you go to this jetty when the clouds are high and wispy and the wind is still, you will not be

disappointed. The waters of Budgewoi Lake offer perfect reflections and you may catch the

pelicans and swans arriving in search of their morning feed.

5 North Avoca

This rock platform always delivers and each time I have photographed it, I come away with something

different. As well as the usual eastern facing shot you may also be lucky enough to catch a stunning

reverse sunrise overlooking Avoca Beach.

These are only a few of the stunning options for photography that you will find along our picturesque coastline of New South Wales' Central Coast.

If you have a favourite spot for photography in your area, send it to me stating where in the world it is and your name for a credit and I will post a blog in August showcasing the top 10 images. You can email your shots to me at or send them via my facebook page

All my landscape images are available as digital images or printed on canvas, acrylic or framed.

In the meantime, stay safe everyone.


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